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Web Design Perth Trends

Written by Daniel Maddox

Jul 06, 16
Web Design Perth Trends

Within this crazy world of web design, you will always find that each year we all follow a particular trend that looks exciting, new and beautiful. Here at iSolutions Technology we have done our research, and we are quite surprised at some of the latest trends that are happening in Perth!

It is a given that trends tend to change very rapidly and unexpectedly. iSolutions Technology has come up with a list of all the latest trends in Web Design Perth :

Large and in Charge Images:

This trend of using large images as feature graphics has managed to stay around for a few years now, and we understand why. From using photographs of people or landscapes, to using custom graphics, these kinds of images make a powerful impact on a website. These types of images are mainly used to fill up the entire screen and immediately create the mood and atmosphere of the site overall. It makes the overall style look simple, clean and powerful!

Big, Bold and Dramatic Typography

Typography in Perth has been a huge trend in recent years, and it is just getting bigger and bigger. Having that big, bold type allows us to play around with the on-screen negative space and overall visual hierarchy. No longer are developers and designers just choosing a font from the computer and hoping for the best. Creators are now concentrating on the shapes and the feeling that typeface brings to both the mood and the atmosphere.

Flat Design

This has been around for a little while now, however, what is not to love about this trend! It is clean, straightforward and professional while still being quirky! If you are not familiar, the flat style is a minimalist trend that does not mean completely flat, but rather, it is the idea of slimming down the concepts you wish to present on your site by illustrating the bare necessities of those objects. Designers use the flat style for projects as it provides the site with vibrant colours, simplicity and fun! Click Here


Parallax is a visual effect that is very popular to be using in modern web design. Many of our sites use this feature parallax scrolling to create a sense of distance and depth. The code that is made for this uses dynamic background and foreground elements to provide the page with a layered effect and make it appear to look three dimensional. Some sites that use this feature place creative elements underneath the static position of the page, however, as soon as you scroll they magically appear. This provides the viewer with interactivity and the feeling of discovering something new and exciting! Click here.

Card Design

Cards are another minimalistic trend that has been popular in most recent years. The style has been around for a very long time but what took it mainstream was when Pinterest used it throughout their website. This form is very simple to understand. It presents all content you publish on your site in cards and has them beautifully tiled throughout the page. You will find the web design perth that use this trend are sites that produce large amounts of different content every day. Fun fact: Another big company that uses this element is Microsoft with their Windows 10 operating system.

Mobile Responsive Design

This is an essential trend that is here to stay! Browsing in today’s world is no longer just on a computer screen but on mobile as well. That is why it is crucial that websites are built to be responsive to suit phones, tablets and other devices. Your site needs to look the part on all screens sizes.

So to put this all together, Perth has a lot of trends that all have a common link. Whether your website is about being responsive, bold type, using large pictures; it is now focused on how the user experiences and interacts with your site. To find out more information about iSolutions Technology’s, be sure to click the following link to know more (www.isolutionstechnology.com.au/perth-web-design)

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