Colour Palettes for Web Design Perth

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Colour Palettes for Web Design Perth

Written by Daniel Maddox

Jul 14, 16
Colour Palettes for Web Design Perth

People might think that creating a website is not just about the content and the design you put on the page, but the colour palette you select for your site is highly critical as well. Here at iSolutions Technology, we are going to list what the most popular Web design Perth colour palettes are and why!

According to some thorough research, over 90% of a person’s assessment of a web page, product, etc. is a made on colour alone. It is most likely that if we do not like the colour choices, we are not going to view it for very long. iSolutions Technology wants to go through traditional colour options in Web Design Perth.

1. Muted Tones

Using colour swatches that use a lot of greys and blacks with then, a pale colour like gold or salmon can be effective on a page. It creates a simple, minimal and elegant palette. You will find that a lot of pages use this style as it is very clean, very sophisticated and you know you can rely on this palette to do the job!

2. Professional yet Fun!

A combination of warmth like a red with a fresh (not as dominant) colour like aqua blue can create a modern, crisp and professional colour swatch! The way to use a swatch like this is to use colours that have high contrast against each other (like complete opposites) for a substantial effect.

3. Modern Funk

Using contrasting (but diluted) versions of colour can create a real 21st spin on a retro yet modern looking style. Using bright tones like these, try to balance such dominant colours by using lots of neutral colours (whites, beiges and greys) to keep things funky but stressful!

4. Minimalistic Muted Swatch

You can achieve a smart look website by using this swatch. It is a timeless and elegant effect by using diluted and fresh colours that dilute it further using light greys. It is ideal for those who love simplicity. To find out more about web design and the styles and swatches we use to make sites look smart, professional and new Click Here

5. Cleans and Highlighted

For a modern interpretation of a professional and simplistic look, use colours like pale blues and neutral whites with brilliant pops of colours such as a bright red or a neon colour. This breaks away from all your monochromatic websites and creates a sense of vibrancy on the page. A real simple way of achieving this look has pale colours as the main focal points (background and foreground) with then the red or blue as the icons or title text!

6. Cool Versus the Warm Colours

A really effective swatch is using two completely different styles link warm oranges and yellows with cool metallic colours like greys and blues. This structures a very bold, dynamic and punchy palette. This particular style is perfect for those cutting edge / action style companies.

So whether or not you are creating your site, or if you are getting your site designed by an agency, make sure that you style your colour swatches that not only represent your business professionally but appropriately as well. Here at iSolutions, we ensure to use the best colour choices to showcase your business successfully. Click the link here to find out more about our Web Design Perth (

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