The Importance of Photography


The Importance of Photography

Written by Daniel Maddox

May 10, 17
The Importance of Photography

ISolutions Technology wants to go over how important the use of photography is for your website and social medias and how it can benefit your business.

Ever heard of the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”? Well, unfortunately when it comes to a new business, we naturally make a visual judgement of what the company looks like. That is why photography is such an important factor to consider when creating your business. The team here at iSolutions Technology want to discuss the ways in which photography benefits your business growth potential.

1. Professionalism

The way you present your business is highly crucial. The images on your website need to be of correct size and quality. Having images that are too lower class causing pixelation never looks professional.

It is easy to take photos on your phone and upload them, but having a professional photo taken creates more attraction and creates credibility towards your site.

2. Trust

When you look at a website, if you were to see no images at all, yet the business is offering some form of product or service that requires a visual of some sort, a customer/client isn’t going to trust your website as much or at all compared to other sites that have images. Photography gives a sense of confidence, warmth and personality for your business.

3. Stand Out

You need to stand out from your competitors. Stock images downloaded from the web will not give you the individually you need for you to pop out from the crowd. However using distinct, unique stock photos can be good as long as they are truly what your business represents.

4. Personal Touch

Getting photographs taken specifically for your business is one thing, but, to add a personal detail that can be specific to the identity of your company whether it's a design element, size or shape of the photo layout. Small unique features like this can have a huge impact on customers. The more they see this same layout, design or theme played through your business, the more they will get to recognise your company, and more than likely, like your business for it for having something epochal about the way you present yourself.

5. Encourages Exposure

A photo is worth a thousand words; it tells a story about your business but as well as yourself. It is proven that websites with professional looking images, whether they are stock photos or pictures that you have taken personally receive over 90% more views than those websites without. Just like with the point made about adding a personal touch, your company’s branding will grow more, as people start associating your business with specific images you have created.

6. Reads Easily

Viewers often glance at photos to get an understanding of what to expect before they start reading the text content you have produced. By using photos on your website, it will break up the layout and make it way easier for readers to scan for valuable information.

We hope that these factors have helped give you an indication as to why photography is so important in creating a website for your business. iSolutions Technology’s team of experts can help design and develop a website suited for your clientele and use these factors discussed to make your business grow than ever before. So, please do get in touch with us by calling 9443 2221. We look forward to hearing from you.

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