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iSolutions Technology was selected by Wise Accounting to take their visual system to the next level with a custom front and backend design.

After designing, developing, and setting their new website live, we have now taken on the task of redesigning their stationary. By producing a clean design system and intuitive navigation, our team of designers, copywriters and developers created a website that would appeal to all required target audiences for their industry

Wise Accounting Custom Design
Wise Accounting Design Strategy


We briefed three different designers from the iST team to produce their best solutions to the project independently. Of the two concepts, iST contributed to the review and refinement of the preferred concept selected by Wise Accounting. The new design offers an engaging user experience, intuitive navigation functionality and four different, intelligent calculators for users to interact with.


Wise Accountings Content management (CMS) is a system for managing a companys content online, and keeping a database of interested parties and individuals. It involves custom technology to organise, automate and save enquiries made by users on the website.

Wise Accounting CMS