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Fact - Australian’s spend over 12 hours per week on social media (Sensis 2016 Social Media Report). Break that down and realise that’s almost two hours a day which adds up to around 15% of a person’s entire waking hours spent on social media. This is a serious amount of time. More than fifteen million people in Australia are active Facebook and Youtube users, with five million on Instagram and two million using Snapchat. When you then factor in the relatively cheap cost of social media advertising compared to traditional media channels, the question “Does my business need a great social media presence?” becomes a very simple and easy decision.

Social Media Presence
Social Media Campaigns


Managing your brand and business in the digital world is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously, so we take the time in the beginning to get to know what you do and how you do it. We are focused on learning the complexities and intricacies of your industry, so we can help you position your brand exactly where you want it to be. We also put strategies in place, produce social media campaigns & material that change the course of our clients’ businesses.


Once we know who you are and what you do, we want to know where you want to get to. Without a full analysis of future business goals, any strategies and processes put in place will be wasteful and flying blind at best, and actively hindering business development at worst.

For example, if you are looking to move your restaurant business away from its current location a year or two from now, spending a large chunk of your Facebook advertising budget on building followers from your current area isn't going to be very helpful.

Your goals are the crucial foundation on which we build strategy to take you to your goals.


Social Media Design Management


The meat in the digital marketing sandwich. Content refers to blogs, articles, photos and  videos used to continually update your social media platforms. What to post? When to post? Do we start a blog? Who’s going to write the blog? Do we start email marketing? Should we do video?

So many questions, so many platforms.

Structured and planned content ahead of time is key, while still leaving room for spontaneity. To create interesting, engaging and targeted content for followers of your brand on a regular schedule that is focused and cohesive is a demanding task, and if not done correctly results in scattered and confusing business offer for customers.

Social Media Presence
Social Media Campaigns


We create, target, implement and report on all social media advertising campaigns across all platforms.

As with all marketing, cohesive, focused and high quality advertising is the goal, with defined targets, schedules, budgets and strategies. We take everything learned in our initial consultation combined with our experience to form realistic targets for your budget.


Great marketing strategies take time, and regular reporting is crucial to perfecting your digital marketing strategy.

Testing and reporting on different approaches will give us data, and data leads to better marketing, which leads to more data and so on and so forth.

Regular reporting ensures that all facets of your digital marketing strategy stay focused and on message, and we will send you regular documents reporting on all platforms.

Social media is a complex animal, so time and testing are the only true indicators of success. Be prepared for tonnes of tweaking, testing, changing and emails, while we keep you in the loop about regular changes we have tried.


Social Media Design Management