Why Web Design is important

Web Design

Why Web Design is Important

Written by Daniel Maddox

Jun 30, 16
Why Web Design is Important

Wanting to now why web design is so crucial when building a website for your company? iSolutions Technology is going to break each element down for you so you can understand the real purposes it brings and how it will benefit your business!

A fantastic way for you to understand this in it’s simplest form is a little test. Think of something that you would like to find out more information on and Google search it. Everyone will go through the first 5-6 results from the list and choose the one that appears it will have the exact information you are seeking. Once on that site, how long does it take for you to find that information you’re looking for? Is it fast and easy to find or is it quite difficult? While on the page, is it obvious how to navigate through the site and move from each section?

If you find the information you were seeking quickly, it means that the page layout has been created and designed well, with usability in mind. Usability is made up of a bunch of characteristics which makes the site’s navigation easy to use and handle when they enter the site.

In regards to the web design aspect, this is important for every website because it affects how quickly visitors can find what they are looking for. If the find it is too difficult or they feel frustrated, the visitor will leave and try another search - which is a lost opportunity. A good design will be easy to understand and will help potential customers or client find what they need and will take those further steps in making a sale or getting in contact with you.

Our team of graphic designers at iSolutions Technology always communicate with clients about the following aspects to make your user experience (UI) better:


It is a given that a website has to look good. But it is crucial to keep usability in mind and not ignore it for the sake of appearance. The design needs to lead the users eyes from what is most important to then secondary items. This is essentially done by using space and typography. Images and colours are considered calls to action, making them focal points so make sure to have these elements used wisely throughout your pages. A site that looks professional, sleek and modern will immediately build the users trust.


Like anything in life, whether it is your house or office, a site needs to be organised, and every item needs to be in a logical place, making it easy to access, use and view. The site navigation needs to be in a consistent and practical place throughout and not change on the user as it creates confusion and frustration. Everything on a page needs to have a purpose. The user will look at a page and within seconds have made the decision whether to stay or leave your site, so it is crucial to keep things organised. read more


On any website, it is important to have something on your site that generates appeal. It needs to create a spark for the user to stay on your site longer and continue exploring. Ways of doing this are having slideshows, photo galleries or YouTube videos. Keep in mind to not overdo it.

Combining it all together 

A design will make the visitor decide whether to stay and interact with your site or leave – it is as simple as that! So to put it all in perspective, your website will need to create a trust, make sense and allow the user to find what they are searching for quickly and easily. 

A great read from Search Engine Land is their 10 simple tips to effective mobile seo web design. These factors will get you thinking about mobile setup and development.

So if you are looking at your website and finding that some elements that we have discussed here are missing on your page, be sure to get in contact with iSolutions Technology www.isolutionstechnology.com.au . We would love to sit down either at your location or in our office located in Perth, have a coffee and discuss what our teamc an do to make your business’s site stronger than ever and increase your Return on Investment!

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