What to Experience in Perth, Joondalup, Western Australia WA

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What to Experience in Perth

Written by Daniel Maddox

Jul 07, 16
What to Experience in Perth

Perth is alive with a tremendous amount of entertainment, events, art and design. Hotspots like Perth City, Northbridge, Subiaco and Fremantle, offer some incredible events throughout the year that you must attend! iSolutions Technology wants to list some of the hottest events we cannot wait for!

Whether you are a lover of music, the arts or comedy, Perth has always got something to offer, and you will always find an event happening in this fantastic city.


Throughout the year, be sure to attend a show performed by The West Australian Symphony Orchestra - the state’s largest and busiest performing arts company. They perform in theatres like His Majesty’s Theatre, to small and alternative avant-garde shows. His Majesty’s is also home to the West Australian Opera Company which produce spectacular shows throughout the year!

What is fantastic about Perth, is that this city offers a vast amount of excellent Indigenous events throughout the year. For absolutely stunning Aboriginal art displays close to the city, be sure to head to the Aboriginal Art and Craft Gallery located in Kings Park.  To find out more information about what Perth has to offer Click Here

Swan Valley

If you are after a rich and varied range of art, then the Swan Valley is the place for you. You will find Galleries and art and craft shops that range from well known to small alternative places that are like finding little gems hidden away in a corner. You will likely find that Guildford is most appealing due to the heritage buildings, antique store and the art scene.


Whether you are searching for shows, galleries, extraordinary street art, Fremantle has you covered. Fremantle is known for its eclectic mix of art and alternative people for quite some time. You will never see the streets buzz like they do there, from buskers singing, sidewalks filled with an incredible amount of art, music and design to trendy and unique cafes and bars. What is also great about Fremantle is the museums and heritage buildings, filled with facts and historical items found more than two centuries ago.


Joondalup is the place to go if you are after art and design. The Art Gallery has devine artwork in their. They recently just the 2016 Community Art Exhibition which was fantastic.

But that is enough about the places; you want to know what Perth has currently got on offer right? Well, here you go. Here are some of the events that are currently happening that we think you might be interested in attending as well!

An Event
16 March - 12 July
Roe Street Arcade Light Locker Art Space

An Event is an ongoing project by artists Oliver Hull, Files Bunch and Kieron Broadhurst. This project focusses on the possibility of inserting fictional narratives into the history of Western Australia.

Hatched: National Graduate Show
14 May - 17 July

Hatched is a celebration of the most exciting and emerging artists from around Australia, featuring 23 graduates from art schools and universities nationally, this is going to be an extraordinary event to attend.

20 May - 01 September
Grand Lane

The antecedent is an exhibition of new site-specific works at the Grand Lane Light Locker Art Space. With artists Ruby Smedley, Sioux Tempestt, The Welcome Collective, Steven Finch and Michelle Wells, they interpret and represent the different aspects of our local history. We have heard that the exhibition runs 24/7; however, it is best to attend in the evening when illuminated!

Although we have only listed just a couple of event we are interested, that does not mean that is all that is happening. To find out more about what is going on in Perth, be sure to click the following link for more information (www.isolutionstechnology.com.au/perth-web-design)

Perth is definitely the place to be for art and design.

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