What to do in Perth during Winter

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What to do in Perth during Winter

Written by Daniel Maddox

Jul 12, 16
What to do in Perth during Winter

It is currently Winter in Perth, and you know what that means? It means everyone is in hibernation mode! It is too cold to do something fun or different, we just go to work and come home! Here at iSolutions, we want to discuss the best things you can do to keep you warm this winter!

Winter is here, which means we all want to stay inside and not move from our beds or heaters! iSolutions Technology intends to list the best activities you can do in Perth on a cold winters day!

Ellington Jazz Club

If you are into a glass of red, nice and relaxing jazz music, while watching the rain pour down, Ellington Jazz Club is the place to be! Jazz and winter are the perfect combinations! What better way than to go out with a bunch of friends or a loved one and listen to Perth’s best late night, live music venue!

It has an intimate setting, gold star jazz, and fantastic service so it is perfect for a relaxing getaway from your ‘prison’ sentence locked up in your house all the time. They have a cocktail lounge upstairs and live jazz performances downstairs.

The Ellington is open seven nights a week and is an 18 plus venue. It can be located just over the Newcastle and Beaufort Street intersection, on the left-hand side heading north outside of the city.

Perth Observatory

Every day in winter we look at the weather outside, and it just looks dull! Why not challenge that and head to the Observatory when they hold events such as Stargazing and Moon-gazing. See the sky in a whole other perspective by viewing it through large telescopes.

What is great about this is that the whole family will love this place. It is perfect for kids, and adults get as much entertainment out of it as they do! With the Perth Observatory being just 35km East of Perth, it is located on Walnut Road in Bickley! The cost is affordable and will be a great thing to experience with the entire family!

Belmont Gold Lounge

If you do hate this weather and just want to block it out of your life (temporarily) then why not go all out with a movie and eat some delicious popcorn at the Gold Lounge in Belmont.

The Gold Lounge offers the ultimate combo of luxury and cinema. Complete with a lounge bar, food menu with in-cinema service and fantastic large screens that are wall to wall. All that you have to do is sit back, relax and watch a great film!

Perth Cultural Centre

If you are into the Arts, culture, knowledge or the community, you will love the Perth Cultural Centre.

Within this, you will find the centre’s key cultural and educational institutions such as the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the West Australian Museum, and the Blue Room Theatre.

Filled with exciting and fascinating activities for you and the entire family, you will not be disappointed (or bored for that fact!)  For more about Perth Click Here


Hands down everyone has been, seen or heard of Scitech! It is awesome! Great fun not just for the kids but the adults too! Everyone learns a thing or two here! Discover how the world works in Sutherland Street, West Perth!

We do not like winter; we want to be able to explore and have fun while the weather wants to be depressing! If you want to find out more information about what is going on in Perth, be sure to click the following link (www.isolutionstechnology.com.au/perth-web-design)

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