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What Makes a Good Web Design Perth?

Written by Daniel Maddox

Apr 27, 16
What Makes a Good Web Design Perth?

One of the best things you can do for your business is to get it online. It helps showcase your company, broaden your opportunities and potentially reach out to new potential customers. However, for a lot of people it is difficult to start up online. Here at iSolutions Technology, we will help you understand what makes a good website and where to start.

With over 1 billion websites in the world it can be a little overwhelming coming up with a idea to make your web design memorable and engaging. iSolutions Technology has 4 key elements to making your design not only work, but work well for your company.

- Strong and clear message
Having the best chance to make a lasting impression to your customers. You want to take into consideration what is the first thing you want viewers to see when they land on your page? Will they understand your site’s purpose?

To be able to have a successful and inviting website, it needs to have a clear and simple message that visitors can understand. The best way to communicate to your viewers is to have a clear message on the home page. This also helps search engines categorise your site for appropriate keywords and phrases.

- Easy navigation
What really makes viewers stay on your website is navigation. Having well-structured pages and clear navigational tabs that lead visitors to relevant sections to your website is essential if you want it memorable. click here for our showcase

- Content
Content is the single most important element in increasing customers/viewers. Using relevant content is vital towards making your business work online. Presenting this content is crucial and you must do this in a simple and clean manner. Using clear and correct language will encourage customers to find out more.

- People
Creating a community for your business is one the best investments to make. It is important to establish an online presence. Having a Facebook, Twitter or other social media networks incorporated into your website a great way for allowing viewers to connect with you through other media. What also helps building a community is creating and maintaining a blog. It is a great way to increase content and also is a good way to have a conversation with your customers/viewers.

Here at iSolutions Technology, our team of  graphic designers and developers put these factors into consideration when creating your customised friendly web design. So if you are after a professional, clean and memorable design, be sure to get in contact with iSolutions today!

All of our Web design packages can be viewed www.isolutionstechnology.com.au/perth-web-design

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