What Every Web Design Needs in 2016

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What Every Web Design Needs in 2016

Written by Daniel Maddox

May 30, 16
What Every Web Design Needs in 2016

Whether your business has been around for quite some time, or you are starting up a brand new business, it is crucial that your website has all the requirements for this day and age! Be sure to find out what you need to make your online presence a successful journey!

1. Your Story

To start off, you need to make sure you connect with the people who will view your website. It is crucial to have an About Page as this helps tell the viewers:
- Who you are,
- What you are about,
- What value you can bring to them, and,
- Why your company is the best to deliver that value

Here at iSolutions, our team of designers make sure that every element for your web design is used at its best to make sure your site follows suit with your story.

2. Testimonials

It's all well and good to say what values your business can bring to the table. But it is another thing when you have clients who provide you with a testimonial that validates the values your company can offer. It is a powerful way for your business to work and achieve high goals. Testimonials should be something that appears on the Home page and anywhere else that relates to those values your business offers.

3. Mobile-Friendly Design

Having a website that can work on both computer and mobile is crucial for a website in 2016. Having a responsive web design will help not only make life easier for viewers to view your site on any platform, but Google will like your website more because of this functionality.

4. Simple Page Names and Navigation

A website needs to have an easy to use menu for a client/customer to be attracted to view more of your business. Having a complicated menu layout will cause people to think. As soon as they have to think, will cause them just to exit your site. What also helps with this is having clear and to the point page names. Having a page name that is not related to that page will cause confusion.

5. Blog

Every business with a website needs to have a blog and keep it updated with new content. This helps with a lot of things:

- Helps with your SEO statistics
- Helps create the personality you are after in your business
- Creates a sense of establishment within the field of work you do
- Creating a blog for people to view, and share across their social medias creates more traffic for your company.

6. Capable to Evolve

With the online word changing so rapidly. You need to be able to have a website that can grow and evolve alongside this rapid pace. Here at iSolutions Technology, we have created a custom CMS (Content Management System) which allows our clients to update and customise your website quickly. Whether it is image galleries, blogs or general content.  Be sure to read more about our Content Management System here.

So to conclude, making sure you have a clear description of what your business is and the values you bring with testimonials to prove them. Having a responsive web design to be used on any platform, clear and easy to navigate pages, keeping your site updated with blogs and having a website that can grow alongside your business are the key elements for making a website powerful in today’s world. If you are interested in finding out more about our work or keen to get started on your website today with us, make sure you visit our web design page to learn more iabout our services (https://www.isolutionstechnology.com.au/perth-web-design) or give us a call at iSolutions Technology today!

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