Take great photos with your phone


Take great photos with your phone

Written by Daniel Maddox

Jun 15, 17
Take great photos with your phone

The team here at iSolutions love photography! We are Instagram obsessed and always love taking photos on our smartphones. Today we would like to go over some tips and tricks on how to take great photos on your phone!

Back in the day before we were able to just grab out our iPhone and take a snap of something, we had to use cameras and editing software on our computers to make a photo look decent. But thanks to our smartphones and apps for editing pictures, we can now produce an extremely high quality photograph in minutes, all using the one device.

The iSolutions Technology team wants to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way so that you too can produce some amazing photos right from your phone.

Grids are important:

Possibly the easiest tip we can give you is to turn on gridlines. Gridlines are a series of lines that are superimposed on to your camera that are based on the rule of thirds method – a method that works if you place the points of interest along or intersecting the lines, your photo will turn out more balanced and level.

Focus on one object:

When you are trying to take a photo of something, be sure to focus on one object. Do not over crowd your image and have too many elements.

Be grateful for negative space:

Negative space is referring to the areas around and between the subjects of an image. This without a doubt makes a photograph go from good to fantastic.

Different perspectives:

Be adventurous with your photo-taking. Try something new by taking your photo from a different angle. Such as birds-eye-view or from the ground up. This will give your subject a entirely new look and makes an interesting shot!

Symmetry is beautiful:

Symmetry in photography is when you can divide a photograph into two equal parts that are mirror images of each other. These types of photos can be stunning and for those people that are perfectionists, you will love taking these photos.

Purchase lenses for your phone:

It is true. You can purchase external lenses for your smart phone! These can be so handy for when you are wanting to take a photo in a completely new perspective. Lenses that you can purchase are fish-eye, wide-angle to telephoto lenses. They can bring an entirely new quality to your photos on your camera roll.

Don’t be afraid to edit:

The last one we would like to discuss is editing. If you were to go on your smart phones app store you will find thousands of apps for you to endlessly edit your photos with. Filters can be a valuable photographic toll, particularly for when you want to remove blemishes from a picture or to make your food snapshot look even yummier!

So there you have it, we have provided you with just a few tips and tricks on how to use your smart phone device that you carry around in your pocket take photographs that a professional DSLR camera could take! We love looking through Instagram and checking out people’s latest photos. Be sure to give us a follow @isolutionstechnology today!

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