How to Make the Right Choices with SEO


How to Make the Right Choices with SEO

Written by Daniel Maddox

Feb 12, 17
How to Make the Right Choices with SEO

ISolutions Technology is here to help you understand how to pick the right keywords, strategies, content and much more to make your SEO for your business thrive!

Are you just starting up with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work and finding it difficult in choosing the right keywords for your business? iSolutions Technology has been in the SEO world now for more than 10 years. We are experienced professionals in the field and we want to help you understand what is involved in SEO.

SEO Perth – The Right Keywords

Keywords have become such a huge part of business. They are what we type in our search engines such as Google for when we are looking for a particular product, service or answer. Most companies today get their websites optimised for search engines by assigning specific keywords to those pages. The better the keyword, the higher your rankings will be on a google search. Click here

So when it comes to developing the best keywords for your business, you have to consider what does your business do for the public. If you are an online store, ask yourself, are you the best or the cheapest at what you sell? Do you provide quick and easy shopping experiences, or do you have excellent customer service?  The only way to effectively market your brand and business is if you can immediately identify the most important factors of your business. Here is a list of things you need to consider when it comes to keywords:

-    Focus on creating good phrases. Do not use generic keywords that are too basic. Meaning if you sell dog collars, do not use keywords ‘dog’ on its own as it is too generic and your site will be one of the millions that have used that keyword. Meaning, no traffic and a waste of time and money.
-    Google search your keywords. See what pops up in the first page results and research those websites and make comparisons to your site and see how yours can compete with those sites.
-    Repetition is okay. If you were to use keywords ‘dog collars’ and then another keyword ‘dog collars online’, this repetition is okay to do. The main factor is to use effective keywords for your business that you know will create traffic for you.

Content and Social Media

These days it is crucial that every business has a Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. These social media pages allow you to post and keep people up to date with what is happening with your business. When it comes to figuring out what content to post, post things that are related to your business. Do not use your business’s social media for anything other than what is related to your company. If you sell only dog accessories, and yet you post something not related to animals, it gives the wrong impression and can make some customers confused. Keep it light hearted and always ensure you somehow link your post to your website, so viewers have further to travel into finding out more about your company.

So we have given you a basic idea of what to do when making the right choices for your Search Engine optimisation work for your business. With over ten years’ experience, the iSolutions Technology team know that your time is money. Which is why we offer clients a range of SEO services that allow you to take care of your business while we take care of your SEO optimisation. We develop the best strategies for each of our clients that will give you the most gains & get the highest return on investment. To find out more, please give us a call on 9443 2221 or click the link below.

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