Google Ads Payments


Google Ads Payments - How it all works

Written by Brendan Wright

Nov 05, 19
Google Ads Payments - How it all works

We often get ask how Google charge on their Google Ads account. Get the easy run down below.

Google Ads Payments

How Do Google payments work & when do they charge me?

Previously, you were charged automatically for the balance on your Google Ads account every 30 days, or if your balance exceeded your threshold, you were charged immediately.

Going forward, Google Ads will charge you automatically for your balance on the 1st of the month. In addition, you will also be charged whenever your balance exceeds the 1000 AUD threshold limit. This change should make charges for Google Ads more predictable and easier to understand.

You can now pay your Google Ads account through PayPal along with Mastercard & Amex which gives complete flexibility in payment methods.

Managing ads and payments are now easier than ever. It’s a great change Google Ads has made, especially for digital marketers & marketing teams.

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