Design Trends 2016

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Design Trends 2016

Written by Daniel Maddox

Mar 11, 16
Design Trends 2016

We are well and truly into 2016 now and it is time to see what are the latest trends in the design world are.

We are well and truly into 2016 now and it is time to see what are the latest trends in the design world are.

Every year, there is always a new trend forming in the design world. It is sometimes very difficult to keep up with it all to make sure designs stay fresh and in the present. Here is what we have noticed so far in 2016.

1. Material Design “Flat 2.0”

Material design is something that was very popular in 2015, and it has proven to be a leading design trend still for 2016. Some refer to material design as flat design “2.0” because in many ways, it is an updated version to the flat design but adding light/shadow, depth and movement for a sense of realism.

2. Bold and Bright colours

Having really vibrant colours on a design project has been in and out of ‘fashion’ for years now - but it has proven to be a popular choice for this year. Many designs that have popped up in 2016 have used very neon bright colours for a dramatic effect and to attract the viewers more easily.

3. Dramatised Typography

Typography is no longer just for reading anymore - it is for making a statement. Be on the look our for big, bold type that is the centre of attention. The ways that make dramatic typography is through size, colour, texture and arrangement.

4. Minimalistic and Abstract Design

On the other side of the spectrum, what has been really popular for 2016 has been designs that rely on minimalism and the deconstruction or distortion of recognisable forms to create an impact.

Although trends are just simply a trend; some tend to stick for longer then expected. These trends have been around for many years, but have gotten ‘upgrades’ as time has gone on. So if you are requiring something designed up for your branding, advertising or website needs, please get in contact with iSolutions Technology today. We keep up with the latest trends but make sure to design your project that will fit your business’s requirements and audience.

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