Content Calendar: Planning your Attack

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Content Calendar: Planning your Attack

Written by Daniel Maddox

Jul 14, 17
Content Calendar: Planning your Attack

Today, iSolutions Technology wants to help you understand what a content calendar is and how to build an effective one for your business today!

A content calendar is a shareable tool that marketing teams use to plan out all of the marketing activity for their business. So why build one? The benefit of using the calendar format, rather than just having your basic long to-do list of content to be posted is that you can visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year.

This will allow you as the business owner to plan out your content around important events in your industry or crucial dates. It allows you to see where you have gaps of no content that is getting regularly posted so that you can prepare for it. And to, of course, make sure you have your content ready in time for due dates.

So the real question is how do you build one up? Well, we have three steps that will help you construct a fantastic planner for your content.

Identifying topics/audiences for your business

Most businesses have multiple categories that only apply to certain people. So you will end up with different audiences for different things. For example, a clothing company will have two audiences. One audience being those that are interested in purchasing the clothes and the other would be employees who are interested in joining that company and work for them. Being able to identify who your audiences are, whether it be different products you sell or different services you offer is a great first step. Once you have that sorted, you can then go into thinking what topics for those categories, services or products you can discuss with your audiences.

Take stock of your content

You may have a huge amount of content already on your website. Producing new content every week can be very challenging for almost every business. That’s when it is smart to look back through your old posts, go through your existing products and services and think of do revamps of existing content. Not only is this a great way to produce fresh content on your schedule. But your audiences will love you for it for informing them on more information than they already knew.

Schedule, Post, Publish, Promote, Track and Tweak

The title of this step pretty much says it.

Make sure you do use a content calendar, it is a great tool for you to schedule all of your content and to get yourself prepared for each day. Posting regularly instead of infrequently will attract those audiences you are after and get that exposure you desire. Publish on all platforms you use for your business and promote this content you publish on all platforms you can possibly think of. Keep track of how your published content is going, see what is working and what isn’t and tweak your future content and your calendar from there. We hope this blog has helped you understand why having a content calendar is so useful for your business and organising your content every month. It helps create that structure for your company and helps you get you that regular flow of traffic you want for your website when you plan your content throughout.

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