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iSolutions Technology was selected by BlueSky Healthcare to create a unquie visual design and Custom Management System (CMS) for their retail staff to present their products to their customers.

With a focus on clean mobile friendly design and easy navigation and gallery, our team of local Perth website designers, copywriters and developers created a design that would appeal to the required Bluesky Healthcare's targeted audience.

Bluesky Healthcare Visual Design
Bluesky Healthcare Design Strategy

Design Strategy

After a consultation with Bluesky Healthcare, our in-house team of designers were able to assemble a visually stimulating design suited to Bluesky’s needs. Included were their trademarked colours as the main branding, and an intuitive list of products and categories.

An important aspect was the online booking system, where clients could set up trial time at Bluesky’s warehouse. The team made sure that this feature was easily accessible through the website. The design included a custom management system that would allow Bluesky’s staff to easily update and manage products, contacts & other sections through the backend of the website.

Bluesky Healthcare Catalogue

Graphic Design

iSolutions was hired to design ads for Bluesky that were featured in the Western Australian and RAC catalogue. To begin this process, we created 2 custom designs per advertisement to allow the client to share their opinions on the direction of the design.

After a short consultation our designer were able to focus on the preferred corporate branding of Bluesky.

Bluesky Healthcare Corporate Video

Corporate Video Production

Bluesky Healthcare used iSolutions to capture their video production services to produce their upcoming promotional videos. Our in-house Perth videographer worked on-site with the Blueskys management team to create persuasive clips using their latest equipment.